By Lauren Victory

(CBS) – Just hours after a Chicago man was shot and killed during an attempted carjacking, there was another violent robbery, just blocks away.

Three decades of business is clouded by three days of worry for Noble Square’s Ross Luisi.

The businessman notes several incidents of violent crime within a mile since Wednesday:

–48-year-old father and grandfather Aristeo Soriano shot dead walking home from work on Huron Street.

–a 28-year-old was fatally shot trying to protect his girlfriend, attempting to zoom away from a carjacker on Greenview.

–a 34-year-old man was shot during an armed robbery at Division and Ashland.

“The police need to be present, they need to be in the square at nighttime,” Luisi says.

Ward 2 Ald. Brian Hopkins says he’s on it and has pressed police to reallocate resources.

“We’re getting more patrol officers, more cops overnight, more undercover surveillance, the license plate readers have been deployed. We’re doing everything we possibly can to catch these criminals and to make the neighborhood safe again.”

The alderman says those license plate readers come in handy here because the belief is criminals target this area because of easy access to the highway.

No arrests have been reported.

Lauren Victory