CHICAGO (CBS) — The violence in Charlottesville brought hundreds of anti-white supremacists out Sunday — and a number of them rallied in downtown Chicago.

Saying they stand with Virginia, men and women held signs outside Trump Tower and put bold, gold letters on the ground that read “Real Fake.”

Many say seeing video of a car plow into a group of anti-fascist protesters is what brought them out.

Elizabeth Lalasz is with one socialist group that asked people on Facebook to join them outside Trump Tower, and denounce the Virginia violence. Hundreds did, like Darletta Scruggs, who says President Donald Trump is to blame for much of the country’s racial divide.

“Trump is the fire of division, but I think it’s definitely rooted in America’s society,” Scruggs added.

The protest, at the corner of Wacker and Wabash, was peaceful.