CHICAGO (CBS) — Before Jon Schiff founded Real Good Juice Company three years ago, he was doing something he didn’t love.

“I was in finance for a number of years. I was a derivative strategist — I sat behind a desk, I wore a suit and tie to the office. But it was never something I was truly passionate about,” Schiff  said.

So he decided to make a career out of something he did love.

“I love smoothies. Originally, it was how do I open up a smoothie truck in California? My sister talked me out of that.”

Instead, he opened Real Good Juice Company in Old Town in late 2014.

“Within the year, Whole Foods Market reached out to us. And what they were looking for is a partner that shared similar values.”

Real Good Juice just opened in Bucktown, establishing its 12th location.

“We use real foods. What that means is we would rather buy locally — so work with farmers we know and trust within a 150-mile radius — than order through California, where product will sit on a flatbed for 1,500-miles, then go in a warehouse for a few days. With that, when we can’t buy locally, we buy organic.”

Reading from the label of one of his products, Schiff comes across “Bluice Wayne.”

(Credit: Steve Miller/WBBM)

“Bluice Wayne — it’s blue in color — is a superpower blend of Blue Magik, vanilla, almonds, coconut and sea salt. It’s filled with antioxidants, giving you bat-like strength to fight off disease, old age and maybe even some crime.”