By Dorothy Tucker

(CBS) — It’s definitely a seller’s market. But you could get even more for your house if you make some low-cost or no-cost changes.

CBS 2’s Dorothy Tucker shows you how to cut costs and boost the value of your home.

Is it possible to upgrade your home on a budget?

“Absolutely,” says Realtor Margie Smigel.

The cheapest thing? Paint, she says.

It takes about $50 worth of paint, a couple of gallons, to make an impact. But how much of an impact depends on the color you choose, says a Zillow study.

If you want to add $1,800 to the selling price of your home, paint your kitchen a soft blue-gray and your living room beige or oatmeal.

To get another $5,000, paint your bathroom a light blue or light purple.

A tip from Smigel: Make rooms look larger.

“Midwesterners love space,” she says.

Also, use inexpensive mirrors to create the illusion of space.

Remove half of the clothes from your closets to bump up the roominess.

And, add and turn on lights when showing your home.

Light makes all the improvements shine.

You can also change brass fixtures to the latest hot look: brushed nickel.

If you have a bigger budget, landscaping recoups 105 percent of your investment. Adding insulation to the attic: 109 percent.

Dorothy Tucker