By Dana Kozlov

(CBS) – Embattled Lake County Indiana Sheriff John Buncich may take the stand Wednesday at his federal corruption trial.

Prosecutors have played tapes that they say prove Buncich was on the take — allegedly funneling towing business to operators who paid him off or bought political campaign tickets.

Buncich defense attorney Bryan Truitt says several witnesses have testified there is nothing improper about receiving cash political donations.

The government argues otherwise. The feds have charged Buncich with six counts of wire fraud and bribery.

In an April open letter, the sheriff told the county he would never compromise his integrity or sell his office. Otherwise, he’s been silent.

Day eight of the sheriff’s trial begins tomorrow.

When it comes to taking the stand in his own defense, his attorney says it’s a game-time decision.  They are preparing as if he will testify.

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