CHICAGO (CBS) — Trustees in north suburban Mundelein were moving forward with a plan to try to prevent future flooding, in the wake of widespread damage from last month’s storms.

Flooding concerns were on the agenda of Monday night’s village board meeting.

Mundelein Public Works Director Adam Boesch said it has been a frustrating month for residents after heavy rains caused major flooding.

The Western Slopes subdivision was hit hardest by flooding in the village. Boesch said frustrated residents could get a lot more out of a $34,000 study of the storm sewers and sanitary sewers in Mundelein, which could show how sewage moves through the pipes in both dry and wet conditions.

“They hopefully are seeing that we’re moving very quickly; based on the fact that we saw a problem, we’re looking to address it, and we’ve heard the residents,” he said.

Some people in Mundelein lived through another big flood about 50 years ago, when something other than fish was floating around in the water.

“We have heard of some people indicating that they’ve seen shoes from the old shoe factory floating down Lake Street in the past. So they said it looked very similar to what they saw in July,” Boesch said.