CHICAGO (CBS) — A baby could just not wait to get to the hospital to be delivered.

Instead the mother had to pull over on the tollway to give birth, CBS 2’s Susanna Song reports.

The mother has quite the story to tell her child – she delivered the baby on her own, just off the tollway.

The mother and child arrived at Evanston Women’s Hospital on Tuesday morning, after giving birth in a car on the Edens Spur in north suburban Northbrook. The baby was born around 1:15 a.m. according to Illinois State Police.

The hospital told CBS 2 that the mother and baby are in good condition.

Illinois State Police said the woman was driving on the Edens Spur when she pulled into a toll plaza near Pfingsten. She told workers she was in labor and they called 911.

But the baby was not going to wait – before Northbrook Firefighters and Paramedics arrived, the child was born.

The baby’s gender and other further details were not available.