By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — The search continues for two burglars — and the load of stolen guns they swiped from a store in Northwest Indiana.

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports the act was caught on video.

The Valparaiso storefront glass door was no match for two hooded thieves, one swinging a hammer, the other busting in with a rock.

Early Tuesday, Blythe’s Sport Shop was broken into. While the store  provides sports equipment for high schools and fishing fare, firearms were the target.

The ATF and local police are still in the process of determining how many guns were part of their getaway, some spilling on the floor in the process.

Federal authorities say a Blythe’s store in Griffith, Ind. was also burglarized — twice. It’s unclear if those break-ins were related to this week’s burglary.

The company declined comment.

No one is in custody.