By Wren Hagge

CHICAGO (CBS) — Taylor Swift sent ripples across social media this morning by announcing a new album, “Reputation.”

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In a series of Instagram posts, the Grammy-winner revealed the cover art for the upcoming album, which she says will be released November 10, 2017. Swift also confirmed the album’s lead single will be released on August 24.

Swift fans on Twitter were ecstatic to hear the news.

“How are you people still working?!?” asks one fan.

Some people prayed they would survive the “78 days” until the album’s release. “God, please don’t take me before November 10.”

A few fans relied on GIFs to portray their excitement:

One man speculated about Swift’s alleged rival Katy Perry. “Katy and co will be quaking in their boots[.]”

Another person commented on the extravagance of Swift’s announcement. “I’m not sure about a lot of things but I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift invented extra[.]”

Some are analyzing the meaning behind the album’s title “Reputation.” “She is taking back the narrative because not everything is black and white.”

Swift’s music crosses the gender divide. “I’m a grown man and I am absolutely here for the new Taylor Swift album”