By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) — Some in Vernon Hills are calling their north suburb “Vermin Hills.”

That’s because a handful of neighbors say skunks are stinking up their homes and yards at a pace not seen in years.

Some are blaming nearby construction for forcing the skunks into neighborhoods. Others say the weather’s had an impact.

Ariella Wilcox says her dog Ollie got sprayed in the face – and the smell was so bad she can hardly describe it. “It was painful,” she says.

Normally, Laura Miller would set up her patio on a cool night. But her lawn has attracted the unwelcome guests, too.

“I just don’t want to have to deal with the skunks,” she says. “It’s a constant nuisance every single night and every single day.”

Officer Kim Christenson says he hasn’t received an unusual amount of complaints this year but the village will help set traps on public property.

He adds the skunks might be more drawn to the ground that harbors the most worms and grubs this year — due to the unusually rainy and hot summer.

“It made everything a little more lush and a little more green and there was a little more vegetation — a little more food for the skunks,” the officer says.

Police say using lawn repellent for grubs and keeping your trash covered are just two ways to cut back on the skunk appearances.