CHICAGO (CBS) — One of the first flights out of Houston landed in Chicago late Sunday night.

CBS 2’s Susanna Song has some incredible stories from O’Hare.

Both Houston airports are still shut down, but United managed to get a special flight for some travelers trapped at George Bush Intercontinental Airport. The plane landed at 10:37 p.m. Sunday night at O’Hare.

Passengers at baggage claim were thankful to be in Chicago. They shared harrowing stories of just trying to make it to the airport from their hotels, driving through flooded streets.

One woman recorded video of the flooded roadways on her cellphone. Just getting to the airport was challenging and some barely made it. It took someone two and a half hours to drive a few miles.

So once these passengers got to the airport their described it nearly abandoned.

“Just to see disaster in the road, babies in cars, families cannot go home, walk out in the rain, leave car stuck, very emotional – the fact that I couldn’t help,” said Sonia Agard. “I feel helpless. I want to help, but what we could do. I was just crying all the way. It’s going to leave something in my head for a very long time.”

These passengers are just relieved to be in Chicago, even though it’s not their final destination. They went to hotels nearby and will be back Monday to board another plane to get to their destinations.