(CBS) — “Here we go. We have a boat coming, we have a boat coming. I’m going to flag these guys down. Are you guys headed down to the truck right here? There’s a truck driver here stuck in about 10 feet of water.

Sir they are putting the boat in just now. They are on their way.”

KHOU reporter Brandi Smith flagged down help for a trucker stranded in rising waters in North Water.

Sheriff’s deputies were on their way to a separate water rescue and they quickly got a boat in the water and pulled the truck driver to safety.

“I’m sure he is very, very wet very cold, very frightened. I am terrified for him so I can’t imagine the level of fear he has – but here he comes. I feel like I can finally breathe like a sigh of relief,” Smith said during her report.

Smith’s voice cracked with emotion as rescuers finally got the man on the boar and out of harms way.

Deputies later said another truck driver died in that same spot during floods last year.