By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) – The devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey is forcing some to leave their pets behind.

A local rescue shelter is making the trip to Houston to save as many pets as possible, CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar reports.

Alive Rescue got its start after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, so when Harvey hit over the weekend plans were quickly put in motion.

The hurricane is not just putting people in peril. Pups, too, are weathering the storm.

Countless pets have already been rescued by neighbors and owners.

But others are separated, alone, in desperate need of a new home.

Some of the animals will end up at Alive Rescue on Belmont Avenue in Chicago more than 1000 miles from Houston.

“We have our brick-and-mortar rescue, and then we also have foster homes,” Mia Lindner says.

The rescue is getting ready to make the trip to Texas in about two weeks — a journey to save as many four-legged friends as possible and hopefully finding homes for them back here.

“That’s another reason we are waiting a little bit longer to go, so we can have some foster homes lined up,” Lindner says.

Supplies and donations are needed, everything from cat food and dog toys to cash.

Alive Rescue will be accepting supplies at their facility on Belmont. Here is a full list of items needed; click here to make a monetary donation.


Charlie De Mar