CHICAGO (CBS) — Key Chicago Aldermen are optimistic that the latest framework for police oversight is going to give the public confidence in efforts to reform police practices and procedures.

State Attorney General Lisa Madigan has laid the legal groundwork for negotiations with the City of Chicago for a court-supervised consent decree on police reform. That is something Mayor Emanuel first supported, and later said was unnecessary with the current Justice Department, and now supports again.

City Council Public Safety Committee Chairman, Ariel Reboyras is on board.

“I support this this new team, that obviously we call this a team – right, that our Attorney General Lisa Madigan has taken and why not?” he said.

And he said he is glad the City is cooperating with Madigan.

“She has an excellent record. People believe in Lisa Madigan. And she felt that this is the proper way to go about it and we support it,” Reboyras said.

Alderman Anthony Beale, who used to chair that committee, felt it should have been this way all along.

“I still believe that because there is just no trust. So if you are going to build trust you have to do something that is going to be drastic to give people the confidence that things are going to be done right,” Beale said.

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