By Jim Williams

(CBS) — Angelica Magana was too young to make the decision on her own — to leave Mexico for the United States all those years ago.

“I remember not really understanding what was going on because I was 8. I just knew we were leaving Mexico,” she tells CBS 2’s Jim Williams.

Her parents had already come here, and they wanted Magana and her siblings to have a better education.

“There was no opportunity for us.”

Nearly 25 years later, Magana, now a mom herself and covered by DACA, is vowing to fight President Trump’s decision that leaves her vulnerable.

“It’s a nation of laws, but it doesn’t mean we can’t change those laws to cover those who have been here for decades, who deserve to be here who are as American as you are,” she says.

Robert Law of the Federation for American Immigration Reform applauded President Trump’s move to rescind DACA, even for those like Magana.

“It’s definitely a tragic situation and it’s a problem President Trump inherited,” he says. “The responsibility clearly lies on these parents that thought they could single-handedly change what our immigration laws are.”