By Vince Gerasole

(CBS) — Many of us know that neighbor, the one who won’t take care of their home, creating a neighborhood eyesore — or worse, a public hazard.

CBS 2’s Vince Gerasole traveled to far west suburban Batavia, where the mayor, thinks a simple sign might convince those property owners to take action.

Picturesque Batavia, along the Fox River, is home to parks and shops and historic homes built by Scandinavian immigrants.

It’s also home to one frustrated mayor.

“We are not just going to sit here and let people run roughshod over us and not expect us to do anything,” Mayor Jeffrey Schielke says.

There are times when the city has had to step in and board up homes because owners refuse repeated requests, even calls to mediation, to clean up properties falling into severe disrepair.

“It’s like they are thumbing their nose at the city,” the mayor says.

Now, Schielke is backing a proposal to post signs by the eyesore homes that indicate owners are called to court. He thinks that might help spur them to maintain community standards.

“Quite honestly, we are not interesting in trying to embarrass anybody as much as we’re just trying to get cooperation and compliance,” the mayor says.

City attorneys have already drafted the new sign policy. It comes up for discussion before the city council in October.

Vince Gerasole