CHICAGO (CBS) — Hurricane Irma has been classified as the strongest such storm recorded in the Atlantic and has potential to cause catastrophic damage.

This comes just a few days after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas and Louisiana. Early damage estimates for Harvey range from $45 to $70 billion.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott suggested the storm may cost $180 billion.

Five of the costliest storms hit in 2004-2005, costing about $255 billion.

Here is the ranking, adjusted to current dollars, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

Katrina (2005) $160 billion
Sandy* (2012) $70.2 billion
Andrew (1992) $47.8 billion
Ike (2008) $34.8 billion
Ivan (2004) $27.1 billion
Wilma (2005) $24.3 billion
Rita (2005) $23.7 billion
Charley (2004) $21.1 billion
Irene (2011) $15 billion
Frances (2004) $12.9 billion

*While it started as a hurricane, it was classified as such when it hit the population centers on the East Coast.

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