CHICAGO (CBS) — Many Floridians are feeling helpless in Chicago as they watch Hurricane Irma approach their home state in full force.

CBS 2’s Sandra Torres found a couple who is working diligently to try to help those in need.

For days, Mauricio and Angela Romy have been closely monitoring Irma’s activity.

The couple lived in southern Florida’s Broward County for 10 years before moving to Chicago three years ago.

“It’s affecting me personally because I have family over there,” Mauricio said.

When Mauricio told his wife he wanted to head to Florida to help, she said she was hesitant.

“My first thought was to be selfish. What about your family? We’re first. But when we are called to do something you have to put that aside.”

And with that, the mission began.

Mauricio created a GoFundMe page to raise funds so he can fill a truck with supplies such as water, baby food and canned goods.

With the help of his daughter’s school, he plans to host a hurricane relief drive across the city all weekend.

“Here’s another one of our parents just looking out for other people. And what can we do now to spread the message?” said Kathy Donovan, principal of St. Hilary’s Catholic School.

And while he said he’s scared of the journey ahead, Mauricio is confident that it is worth it.

“I’m about to drive 21 hours to south Florida by myself with a truck full of supplies. It’s something I have to do. I cannot be sitting on my couch just watching the news and seeing how people are struggling.”

Mauricio will be collecting donations St. Hilary’s Catholic School, Lincoln and California, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. He’ll then drive the truck to southern Florida once the storm is over.