(CBS) As the Bears themselves said of rookie running back Tarik Cohen after a loss to the Falcons in their season opener Sunday, the secret is out.

The 5-foot-6, 181-pound Cohen compiled 113 total yards and a touchdown in his NFL debut while serving as the team’s “joker” back, and his ability to make tacklers miss wowed outsiders and teammates alike. Asked about his small frame and whether he was worried about taking a physical toll while being a focal point of the Bears offense, Cohen believes his size is helpful and no reason for worry.

“I’ve really been the same height probably since the junior year of high school” Cohen said on the Bernstein and Goff Show on Tuesday afternoon. “Just overcoming that, it’s really nothing to me now. I’m really used to it. I don’t see myself as being short. I see myself as being another player, and I just really use it to my advantage.”

Cohen has thoroughly enjoyed his short professional career in Chicago, and he was a bit taken aback recently when he saw a few fans wearing his No. 29 jersey around the city.

“I saw a couple jerseys after the game,” Cohen said. “It was really crazy to see that. So I took a picture with the first person I saw wearing one.”