(CBS) – The city of Evanston is replacing the “Denver boot” with a higher-tech disabling device, and scofflaws will find one on their vehicle after three unpaid parking tickets.

Like the organism that clings to the hull of a ship, parking scofflaws in Evanston will find the new “Barnacle” attached their windshields.

The Barnacle adheres with suction cups and has a motion sensor alarm and location tracking for motorists who try to remove them or flee.

No need for a tow truck. Pay your fine, enter a code and you can take it off yourself.

The City Council OK’d the new system earlier this week. Members also lowered the threshold for scofflaws to have their cars immobilized; previously, it took five unpaid tickets to get the “boot,” a metal wheel lock.

More information about the product can be found here.