CHICAGO (CBS) — A suburban psychotherapist has filed two lawsuits alleging hundreds of confidential patient files have been illegally seized by the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office.

Robert Moylan work includes court-ordered counseling sessions for some defendants in DuPage County. He is being accused of failing to provide counseling for some patients with DUI cases.

Prosecutors alleged he signed off on some sessions, which never occurred. Moylan denies the charges.

The records, his lawyer, Greg Kulis said go far beyond those with court-ordered counseling were taken with a search warrant in clear violation of the law.

Kulis said hundreds of patient files, maybe a thousand, were taken.

“Could be up to 1,000 patients who’s personal notes have been confiscated by the DuPage County State’s Attorney and a lot of these people have nothing to do with the court system. One patient told me over the phone he is talking about his innermost feelings.

“The patient should feel that he can open up clearly and openly to his therapist, and now someone else reading their innermost thoughts, innermost feelings to their therapist is really a bad thing,” Kulis said.

The state’s attorney’s office has declined to comment.