(CBS) Forbes estimated the Bears’ worth to be $2.85 billion, the seventh-highest in the NFL, in its annual valuation that was released Monday.

A year ago, Forbes pegged the Bears to be worth $2.7 billion, which ranked eighth in the NFL. Even as the Bears stumbled to a 3-13 mark in 2016, that’s an increase of nearly 6 percent year over year. The Bears pulled in $416 million in revenue, with an operating income of $114, per Forbes.

Once again, the Cowboys were estimated to be the most valuable NFL franchise, this time at $4.8 billion. The were followed by the the Patriots ($3.7 billion), the Giants ($3.3 billion), the Redskins ($3.1 billion), the 49ers ($3.05 billion), the Rams ($3 billion) and then the Bears.

The Packers are worth an estimated $2.55 billion, 13th-most in the league. The average NFL team is worth $5 billion, up by about 8 percent in the last year, according to Forbes.

The Bears are owned by the McCaskey family.