PAWS Chicago Rescues 34 Sick Kittens From Florida Shelters After Hurricane Irma(Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

CHICAGO (CBS) — PAWS Chicago rescued 34 kittens from several Florida shelters impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Gainesville Florida’s Alachua County Humane Society reached out to PAWS Chicago for assistance after receiving an influx of pets. The PAWS Chicago Medical Center took in 34 sick kittens with ringworm that were in the shelters prior to the storm and faced euthanization due to overcrowding.

“These kittens were in immediate danger, as most shelters aren’t able or willing to provide medical treatment for ringworm. Animals with ringworm heal nearly twice as fast in a foster home environment, so PAWS Chicago is currently seeking foster homes without other pets in the household,” a PAWS Chicago statement read.

Kittens receiving medical exam at PAWS Chicago Medical Center in Little Village. (Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

The city’s largest no-kill shelter is “committed to bringing an end to the killing of homeless cats and dogs,” but continues to need resources and foster families.

Following the recent rescue, PAWS Chicago is seeking donations, foster families and volunteers for the PAWS Chicago’s Medical Center and adoption centers.

Those interested in fostering can email or fill out the PAWS Chicago foster application form.

Here are a few of the kittens from Florida in need of foster families:

Bedford (Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

Brigsby (Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

Emerson (Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

Tee (Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)

(Credit: PAWS Chicago/Theresa Charleston)