CHICAGO (CBS) — Geneva High School brought in extra security Wednesday morning, as officials investigated rumors of a possible shooting at the school.

In an email and robocalls to parents, officials said they were alerted to the rumors of someone possibly planning a shooting at the school, prompting extra precautions. Officials said they “have not been able to validate the credibility of these rumors,” but will step up security as a precaution.

Geneva School District 304 said students should come to school prepared to have their IDs checked and their bags searched.

“We will continue to take extra precautions until we have determined that our students are totally safe attending our school, and updates will follow,” the district said.

Geneva police and extra staff also will be at the school Wednesday morning.

The rumor of a possible shooting came after a Geneva High School student doused himself in gasoline Monday morning in the cafeteria, but was stopped from causing himself or other students any harm.

The school was temporarily placed on soft lockdown after Monday’s incident, while the fire department cleaned the cafeteria. The boy was taken to the hospital.