CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago set a heat record on Thursday for this date, Sept. 21. It got to 94 degrees at O’Hare.

And when the temperatures reach these highs, most people can go indoors to escape the outdoor heat. But not street musicians like Chicago Traffic Jam, who were performing on State Street near Macy’s.

Bandleader Ian Walsh said it is not that bad.

“Two summers ago I remember there was a month where it never got under 100, I think. It was just like…that was bad. But this ain’t that bad, you know?” he said.

Walsh said these are good times on the sidewalk, comparatively speaking.

“The winter’s harder. It’s harder to move your fingers fast when they’re frozen. You have to play more quarter notes, less double-up sixteenths. And there’s snow on the ground. Everything’s slippery and we’re carrying around gear.”

Today, Sept. 21, 2017 temperatures reached 94 degrees at O’Hare. The old record was 92 degrees on this date in 1970.