CHICAGO (CBS) — The new season of “The Price Is Right” didn’t waste much time handing out big bucks in an improbably exciting way.

On Friday, three contestants spun up $1 on the big wheel five times in a row in the Showcase Showdown, winning a combined $80,000 for their amazing luck.

Granted, a couple of the contestants needed two spins to add up to $1, but that just makes the odds that all three totaled $1 that much more unlikely.

Even host Drew Carey could barely contain his glee.

This season is the first time contestants can win $10,000 for spinning up a total of $1 in one or two chances on the big wheel, and another $25,000 if they get exactly $1 on a bonus spin.

The first time around, Wilbur spun 75 cents and then 25 cents, Charlotte hit $1 exactly, and Zachary spun up 85 cents and then 15 cents – winning $10,000 each.

Wilbur and Charlotte then both got $1 on their bonus spins, winning another $25,000 each.

“Oh my goodness, I don’t believe this,” Carey said. “We gave away $80,000 just on this wheel spin.

The hot streak became a social media sensation.

In an interview with CBS Local last week, Drew Carey teased that there would be an “outrageous” moment during premiere week.

“We couldn’t believe what was happening, my jaw was hanging down,” Carey said. “It’s going to be our biggest viral moment ever.”