CHICAGO (CBS) — U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin is praising his Republican colleagues who have come out against the GOP health care bill.

The Democrat characterizes cuts to Medicaid in the health care bill as “dramatic,” and says he’s happy some Republicans are splitting with their party over it.

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Speaking at a charity walk for the Alzheimer’s Association on Sunday, Durbin said, “thank goodness for John McCain, for Susan Collins. Let’s hope that in the end we can win — it’s going to come down to one vote, maybe two at the most.”

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Durbin says one million people in Illinois would lose coverage under the proposal — and the elderly would be especially hit hard through cuts to Medicaid.

He predicts a vote on the measure could come as early as this week and that it would fail.

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After that, the Democrat says senators should work in a bipartisan manner to craft new legislation.