CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a dozen animal rights activists staged a protest at a live chicken processing business in the West Town neighborhood after being invited in for a tour.

The activists, with a group called ‘Chicago Animal Save,’ toured Pollos Vivos, which is ‘live chickens’ in Spanish, on the 1600 block of West Chicago Ave.

They walked in with cameras rolling and, at one point, locked arms in front of some of the chicken cages.

“Last week, a few of our members visited a slaughterhouse where they saw what happens behind the scenes — boiling chickens alive, de-feathering while sometimes still alive, blood splattered floors, all in the name of tradition,” the group wrote on Facebook. “Today we went back to the same slaughterhouse to spread our message of LOVE. We are determined to change the direction of our food system for the benefit of everyone — animals and humans alike. Violence towards any living being should never be tolerated.”



“One of the guys thought that I was there just to film because I thought it was a cool process,” one of the activists said. “So he was very excited to show me around and show me what happens to the animals.”

The activists say their mission is to expose and shut down slaughter houses.

“We’re making this video to show you guys the history of your food — what happens behind the scenes.”

Before they left, the activists put red roses in some of the cages and said they would be back.