By Charlie De Mar

(CBS) — The situation has grown dire in Puerto Rico five days after Hurricane Maria.

Most of the country remains without power, and many are without food, water and fuel.

Only a handful of flights are getting out of the main airport. Some of the latest evacuees arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Tuesday night.

“I’m not a crier, I’m a tough girl, but when we landed and everyone started clapping, everyone started crying on the plane,” Angela Garcia said.

She has good reason to cry after riding out Hurricane Maria.

“United had a humanitarian flight for us, and after seven hours I got on – I can’t believe it,” Garcia says.

The dire situation in Puerto Rico has led to scenes of chaos at airports. Not everyone has been as fortunate as the evacuees who landed in Chicago.

Skokie Theater owner Wendy Kaplan is stuck on the island. She shared pictures of  her now-flooded hotel.

“What’s really bothering us is we know planes are coming in and out and we don’t know how to get on them,” she says.

United Airlines says anyone who needs a flight from Chicago to their final destination will ride for free.

Charlie De Mar