By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) Skokie police are interviewing student-athletes and coaches while an investigation continues into allegations of hazing on the Niles North High School varsity football team.

On Monday, the school announced it’s suspending the varsity football season – a decision that has left parents and others reeling, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

The school district is asking parents to have patience. Authorities aren’t saying much about the timeline of this case, but it could take days before they wrap up this investigation.

Parent Rebecca Rios said she was “very shocked” by the allegations and wants to know if the hazing involved physical harm.

Authorities say they were contacted Saturday of a possible hazing incident. It’s unclear how many are involved or the nature of the incident

Rebecca Rios has a daughter who attends the school. She has more questions than answers about the hazing probe.

Former player Adrian Brown says he hopes the entire season isn’t cancelled.

Sports legal analyst Exavier Pope says the investigation could have far-reaching effects, even innocent players who were hoping to earn college athletic scholarships.

“They may be just out of luck and it’s unfortunate that they’ll be associated to this horrible incident,” he says.

Skokie police ask anyone with information to come forward.