24k Pizza (Credit: Industry Kitchen)

CHICAGO (CBS) — If you thought Chicago had the richest tasting pizza, you might want to think again.

Industry Kitchen, a New York American cuisine that typically focuses on favorites like salads, meats and pizzas, created a $2,000 pizza for those with expensive taste or those who want to splurge a bit.

“It is the epitome of decadence,” Industry Kitchen executive chef Braulio Bunay told Town and Country, explaining he was inspired by the nearby Financial District. “The pizza is extremely rich—if you’re in the mood for a lavish meal, this is the pizza for you.”

Chef Bunay continued saying by preparing such an expensive dish in “the form of pizza, makes it more approachable.” (Umm sure let me just spend a couple grand on a pizza, no big deal).

The pizza includes Stilton cheese, foie gras (liver of a fattened duck), French truffles, platinum Ossetra caviar, and sheets of 24k gold leaves and flakes. In addition to all of that, the crust of the pizza is infused with black squid ink, plus edible flowers garnished on top.

“The people get in shock because they never see in one dish all these special ingredients,” Bunay told Insider. “It’s very expensive and it’s delicious.”

Again, the pizza rings in at $2,000. Therefore, if you do the math and the pizza is cut this into eight pieces, that would make each slice cost $250 and each bite cost about $50, depending on the amount of bites you take. And if you are considering purchasing the decadent pizza, Industry Kitchen asks patrons to give them a two-day notice.

And the name of this expensive pizza? Well we’ve heard a song about 24K Magic, so fittingly the wood-fired, thin-crust pizza topped with gold claims the title, 24K Pizza.

But before the Bruno Mars album was released and the 24K Pizza was served, other chefs started using gold as a way to raise the bar of everyday foods, such as ice cream sundaes, donuts, bagels and more.