CHICAGO (CBS) — Despite some victories, voting rights groups and others say their work is far from over as Illinois moves through another election season.

Advocacy groups celebrated National Voter Registration Day by gathering in Daley Plaza to, of course, register voters. But, Ivy Hart, with the group Common Cause, warned that their so-called “Just Democracy Coalition” can’t relax. WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

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“They worked for over two years to make sure the Automatic Voter Registration became law and that was an amazing win. But the battle is not over,” Hart said.

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Indeed, Stevie Valles, director of Chicago Votes, said this won’t be the last Voter Registration Day.

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“Automatic Voter Registration does not go into effect until the earliest July 2018. Even then, not everyone is going to be retroactively registered to vote and the work that we do is making sure everyone has their voice heard while they are voting,” Valles said.