By Lauren Victory

(CBS) – Fourteen billion dollars. That’s how much Ford says it needs to cut over the next five years.

The automobile manufacturer is shifting gears to make more trucks and electric cars instead of sedans.

CBS 2’s Lauren Victory reports.

At Highland Park Ford, two of the freshest products zooming off the lot are Ford SUVs. Owner Marty Price says they definitely sell more often than cars.

“If people have kids, it’s easy for them to get in and out of. You sit up higher,” he says.

Whatever the reason for purchase, sales of Ford SUVs are up nearly 2 percent from September 2016. Truck sales soared nearly 20 percent.

Ford announced Tuesday the company will be steering its focus away from cars.

The Taurus, a passenger car, is made by employees at Ford’s Chicago assembly plant. Ford wouldn’t say how operations there could be affected.

Leadership for the United Auto Workers don’t seem worried. In an interview with Automotive Magazine, a union official says Ford’s CEO indicated layoffs are not part of the plan.


Lauren Victory