By Jeremy Ross

(CBS) – Debate continues about “bump stocks” – the special pieces of equipment that can be added to a semi-automatic weapon to increase its rate of fire.

The products are legal for now but maybe not for long, CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports.

At least one of the devices is believed to have been used during the Las Vegas Massacre.

If bump stocks are banned, it wouldn’t concern Matthew Nadolski of Gary, Ind.’s Westforth Sports. He says the aftermarket products weren’t selling, anyway.

That has changed in recent days, with gun users showing an interest now that the devices may be outlawed.

The NRA signals it may be open to “additional regulations” on bump stocks.

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger says the ATF should re-evaluate them, because they devices seem to contradict the federal ban on civilians purchasing fully automatic weapons.

“Does it violate the spirit of the law? Probably,” Nadolski, the gun seller, says.

He says the bigger issue is this: “Untrained people, disturbed people getting ahold of firearms in general — that’s going to be your biggest problem.”

A bill has been introduced in the Illinois House that would, among other things, stop the sale, purchase or possession of a trigger-modification device.

Steve Popovich owns Popovich Sporting Arms in south suburban Beecher.  He said he is a “100 percent” backer of President Trump, and wants him to end the debate now.

“I would actually urge him to come up with an executive order tomorrow, to sign this thing and get it out of the way,” he tells WBBM’s Bob Roberts. “There’s really no reason for bump stocks, slide fires or fully-automatic guns.”

Popovich says all bump stocks do is “give a bad name to law-abiding sportsmen.”