CHICAGO (CBS) — Friends and family of Kristina Hickey, a 15-year-old Park Forest girl raped and murdered in 1984, say they are frustrated because the wheels of justice are turning too slowly.

They’re holding a prayer vigil tonight near the spot where her body was found. It was a schoolmate of Kristina Hickey who organized the vigil. Renae Morgan says she felt compelled to do something.

“Where Kristina is buried in the cemetery is literally fifteen from my grandfather,” said Morgan. “I go once a month to pray to my grandfather. And Kristina is right there, all alone.”

Two-and-a-half years ago, the man who was convicted of the murder, Christopher Abernathy, was freed after 29 years in prison after DNA evidence exonerated him.

“So after Abernathy was set free, I just can’t let it go,” said Morgan. “I can’t let it just slip away like so many other murders.”

Morgan says authorities haven’t responded to phone calls from Kristina’s loved ones, even when they have tips to offer.

Park Forest and the Cook County State’s Attorney have been contacted for comment.