CHICAGO (CBS) — St. Francis High School in Wheaton has decided to forfeit Friday night’s football game against Chicago Hope Academy over safety concerns.

St. Francis is citing a shooting incident last week near Altgeld Park on the city’s west side which is Chicago Hope Academy’s home field.

The gunshots occurred during a game between Providence and Chicago Hope Academy, forcing players to hit the ground and take cover. Chicago Hope Academy coach Mike Kelly said at the time the kids on his team were scared but not really surprised.

“Moving the game was not really an option. Going to St. Francis for our homecoming just seemed like a ridiculous request, said Kelly. “It sets a precedent that if you don’t feel comfortable going somewhere you could just ask the other team to change the venue.”

Activist Andrew Holmes is no stranger to shooting scenes and doesn’t blame St. Francis.

“I understand. Everybody wants their children to come home,” said Holmes. “Whether you’re in Wheaton or on the west of side Chicago.”

St. Francis and Chicago Hope Academy were contacted for comment.