CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago is not taking any chances for the Chicago Marathon on Sunday.

Crews removed trash cans in the Loop two days before 40,000 runners flood the streets. Security is definitely top of mind in Chicago before the big race. CBS 2’s Sandra Torres has more on what runners can expect.

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Two days to go – city officials said they are working around the clock triple checking security measures along the route, including areas around the start and finish lines.

Preparing for a safe race is the goal on Friday as crews removed trash cans along the 26.2 mile route.

“We removed garbage cans and newspaper boxes along the route as well. The ones we can’t get down, we wrap them up and lock them up,” said Richard Guidice, OEMC.

It’s part of the security plan, one that brings comfort to runners and spectators.

“I know security will be tripled for this event. The city will shut itself down to protect us,” said elite runner, Diego Estrada.

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That excitement could be felt as folks from all over the world, as runners picked up their packets during the Health Expo at McCormick Place.

Before the starting line for Sunday’s Chicago Marathon, there was a line for runners to get their gear today at McCormick Place. WBBM’s Nancy Harty reports.

Every runner has a story, whether you are one of the top elite runners participating or you are running for the first time.

Among the crowd of fit looking people at McCormick Place picking up their clear plastic bags with their bibs and other marathon swag, is a group of women from Puerto Rico, who despite the devastation to the island, are here to run.

“Many of us were not able to come from the group because the flights were canceled, but we were able to do it and we thought about staying or not staying, but we came because this is a special moment for us,” one said.

The group, 10 in all will be running with Puerto Rican flags and hope to collect some supplies like solar powered items to bring back home when they are done.

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There are 40,000 runners registered, about 20,000 of them are from Illinois. The rest come from all 50 states and 100 other countries.