CHICAGO (CBS) — Oak Park celebrates more than Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day.

Oak Park trustees voted to make the second Monday in October “Indigenous People’s Day.”

Village spokesman David Powers said it better reflects the inclusive nature of Oak Park.

“I think it’s a day to express, sort of demonstrate, to honor the history of America’s indigenous people and to celebrate the contributions they made to the country,” he said.

Powers said the day also recognizes the suffering America’s indigenous people faced following the arrival of European settlers on the continent.

But he said “Indigenous People’s Day” is not intended to reflect negatively on Christopher Columbus.

“It does not have anything to do with Columbus, it is more less to recognize that there were people here practicing injustices through colonization. These people are incredibly important to the history of the country. They needed to be recognized,” Powers said.

He said Indigenous People’s Day is much more than about one person.