CHICAGO (CBS) — What started as a joke, has turned into a fundraiser for Puerto Rican hurricane relief.

One day when Adriana Miranda of Wicker Park was walking past Trump Tower, she remembered seeing the President throwing paper towel rolls as he toured relief efforts in Puerto Rico, and she posted a quip on Facebook about throwing paper towels at Trump Tower.

“I thought it was a little funny for my friends to see and then the next day, when I was at work I just get all of these notifications on my phone and I thought that it blew up,” she said.

Thousands of people responded, so she decided to turn it into a positive.

“Once I saw how much attention it was getting, I felt obligated to do something, so I wanted to start a fundraiser for Puerto Rico,” Miranda said.

And that’s what’s led to the “Throw Paper Towels at Trump Tower” event Nov. 2 to raise money for Mutual Aid Disaster Relief, a grassroots organization that pledges to give all proceeds to Puerto Rican disaster relief.

Miranda doesn’t really want people to throw paper towels at Trump Tower, and she will have friends at the fundraiser to pick up trash if anyone does.

According to the Facebook event, 2,200 people have responded that they are attending and another 20,000 showed interest.