CHICAGO (CBS) — It took 28 years, but a Glenview woman finally got an answer to her postcard to Germany, looking for a pen pal.

Carlye Fallon had forgotten all about writing a postcard to Chancellor Helmut Kohl for a German class at Washington Junior High School in Naperville, asking him to help her find a pen pal.

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On Saturday, her parents gave her a letter they received at their Naperville home, addressed to Fallon’s maiden name.

Inside were pictures of the postcard she had sent, along with a letter explaining where it has been.

Fallon, now married and living in Glenview, said the hand-written letter from a woman named Adrian Williams explained how a man named Filip had found the postcard on a sidewalk in Berlin.

After a man named Filip found Carly Fallon’s postcard to German chancellor Helmut Kohl on a Berlin sidewalk, he brought it up in a conversation with Adrian Williams, who answered Fallon’s letter 28 years later. (Photo supplied to CBS)

It was not clear for how long, but he kept the postcard safe, and shared it with Williams after they had a conversation about messages in bottles.

“It’s just really fascinating just to think how this person across the pond found this letter, and now wants to engage in a pen pal sort of relationship, and I think it’s fantastic,” Fallon said.

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Williams’ letter notes the “massive political shifts” in both Germany and the United States since Fallon sent her letter in the 1980s.

Fallon, a public relations executive, said she was captivated by the writing, and how Williams weaved in tidbits of American pop culture – such as the movie Beaches, the band Milli Vanilli, and former President George W. Bush’s recent paintings.

Adrian Williams penned a hand-written letter to Carlye Fallon, after a friend of Williams’ found Fallon’s post card to German chancellor Helmut Kohl, sent 28 years agol. (Photo supplied to CBS)

She not only plans to write back – as her pen pal said, “preferably with less delay” than the first letter – but Fallon also would love to meet her new pan pal.

“Whether it’s in Chicago, whether it’s in Germany, whether it’s in New York, whether it’s somewhere; because I just feel such a connection with a person that took the time to do this,” Fallon said.

Fallon said she’s not sure what she’ll say in her letter back to Williams, but she has a couple ideas.

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“Thank her for taking the time to reach out, to write such a beautiful hand-written letter, and to thank her friend Filip; because she says Filip is the one who quote, ‘has kept and guarded this postcard like the precious keepsake it most certainly is,’” Fallon said.