CHICAGO (CBS) — The organization Project Outreach and Prevention met with 200 Chicago Public School students at the University of Chicago to talk about violence prevention.

The group of students from 20 schools hit hard by violence heard from Dr. Greg Primus, a former Bears wide receiver who played three years in Chicago and went on to become a surgeon.

“Why is a group of black doctors interested in you,” asked Primus. “I’m that guy that helps pry out bullets that get stuck in people’s legs and arms.”

“I am you,” said Primus. It was especially telling when Bishop Tavis Grant asked a couple of questions.

“How many people here know of somebody close to you, (maybe) a classmate, that’s been murdered,” asked Grant.

A lot of hands went up among the 200 in the room.

“How many of you know of somebody that carries a gun?”

The majority of  them raised their hands.

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