CHICAGO (CBS) — Among the many services still trying to get to normal in Puerto Rico is mail delivery, so the U.S. Postal Service has put out a call for volunteers from among its employees.

Limited mail delivery has been restored on the island, and most people have to pick up their mail at a post office about after Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria hit the island.

To try and get delivery back to normal, the U.S. Postal Service has asked employees across the country to volunteer for 30-day stints working in Puerto Rico.

“They’ll get paid the regular salary, overtime pay that’s applicable, and that sort of thing; but as far as getting there, and having per diem or housing costs paid for, that’ll be up to the employee,” spokesman Tim Norman said. “It’s strictly a voluntary thing, so they’ll need to make their own accommodations wherever they can stay.”

Employees interested in working in Puerto Rico must submit letters of intent by Friday.

Norman said the postal service will re-evaluate volunteer assignments every 30 days. He was not sure how many positions need to be filled, nor where the employees who used to fill them are now.

While some postal employees assigned full-time to Puerto Rico have gone back to work, Norman said others might have left the island, or might not yet be in a position to work.