CHICAGO (CBS) — About 75 kids from a school in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood are celebrating a successful fundraising effort that will refurbish drinking water supplies in a village in Kenya.

At Kellogg Elementary at 92nd and Leavitt, the students participated in a one-mile walk to raise money to bring clean water to a village in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya.

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“They have raised $3000 so we will be rehabilitating three wells in Kenya,” said teacher Diane Pajkos who runs the international baccalaureate program at the school.

She said the kids were moved by the fact that in the village, the girls walk for miles fetching water, while the boys go to school.

“They’re not getting an education because up to six hours of their day is getting water.”

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Seventh graders Chloe Reed and  Kyle Trotter said they weren’t surprised to hear about what the boys and girls had to do.

“No, because I know it is a thing in the United States. Women have to do most of the work and they still get underpaid,” said Reed.

“This thing about girls not being able to go to school walk eight miles for water that’s not even clean,” added Trotter.

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The original goal was to raise $1000.