CHICAGO (CBS) — A Chicago man just released from prison said people seemed to have lost the empathy he remembered when he was young and looking forward to a bright future.

In Jackson Park a man who identified himself as Dante McQuarter said he’d been back in Chicago for 11 days after serving 20 years for murder.

“No one has any compassion,” said McQuarter. “Before I left this world in 1997, we all loved each other as human beings.”

Of course it wasn’t love when he shot a man to death. McQuarter said he was a headstrong football player with a chip on his shoulder.

“There was an argument. It escalated and things got out of hand,” said McQuarter.

He talked about a man at Starbucks who went out of his way to throw coffee at him. But McQuarter said he has a better shot than many in his shoes.

“I went to St. Rita High School. I went to Iowa State with a football scholarship,” said McQuarter.

He said he was just trying to get a bus pass to travel from a halfway house to agencies trying to help him. But he lost it. While explaining the story, McQuarter began to weep.

“I’m sorry,” said McQuarter trying to hold back tears. “I’m frustrated. I’m just frustrated.”

For now McQuarter said he will just move forward, day to day.