By Diamaris Martino

CHICAGO (CBS) — Target is the latest company to launch an adaptive clothing collection for children.

“The fact that they’re making main stream clothing for special needs kiddos accessible and affordable is so amazing,” says Ashlee Wells, in a post on Facebook. Wells is mom to 4-year-old Nova, a child with special needs.


(Photo: Target)

The adaptive tops do not have tags, and the clothes have flat seams to make them as comfortable as possible.

Children can wear the jackets frontwards or backwards. Some can be turned into vests, and have side openings to make them easier to put on. High waisted leggings are diaper-friendly.

There are also clothing options for children with feeding tubes.

Target’s principal technical designer, Mari Anderson, says, “Our team met with real kids to understand what their needs are in different types of apparel.”

Sizes range from 4T to 16.

According to Target, the clothes are made of extra-soft materials that are durable, and comfortable. Items come with a one-year guarantee, if returned with the original receipt.

Price are $4.50 to $39.99