CHICAGO (CBS) — Starting in December, Chicagoans can save money by ordering ‘ugly’ produce.

Imperfect is a produce subscription service where people can order groceries for 30 to 50% less than regular store prices.

The company provides imperfect fruits and vegetables that do not meet cosmetic grocery store standards.

One in five fruits and vegetables do not meet those standards and usually go to waste because no one will buy them.

Imperfect says its goal is to reduce food waste and support farmers who can’t sell imperfect produce to stores while making healthy fruits and vegetable more affordable and accessible.

“We’ve already saved over seven million pounds of produce and with Chicago joining the movement we’ll be even more successful in our fight against food waste,” said Chicago area native Aleks Strub, Imperfect’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Customers can sign up for weekly or bi-monthly deliveries and can chose from 4 different subscription options: organic, mixed fruits and vegetables, all fruits or all vegetables.

Sizes range from small to extra large, depending on the box.

Currently the company delivers to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle.

On December 4th deliveries will start in Chicago. Pre-orders are available through the company’s website.