CHICAGO (CBS) — A West Chicago woman is trying to help find a home for two older cats, because their owner is in a coma and not expected to live.

“He is in a coma. He has no family,” said Pamela Burke.

Her sister is a nurse who is caring for the man.

“I guess he hooked up with an old classmate about five years ago. So when he was getting sick, he appointed her to be his guardian, because he has no family,” Burke said.

She can’t take the two cats – an 11-year-old cat named Pumpkin and a 15-year-old named Cassie – so she posted the story on Facebook, trying to find someone to adopt them.

cassie Woman Hopes Someone Will Adopt Cats Belonging To Man In Coma

Cassie’s owner is in a coma, and not expected to survive, and needs to find an adopter. The owner has a second cat, Pumpkin, who also needs a home. (Source: Facebook/Pamela Burke)

“Right away, I’m getting all kinds of responses as far as, ‘Shelters will still take these cats. Don’t put them down.’ They gave me all kinds of phone numbers to call,” Burke said. “I thought it was just wonderful because I’m a huge animal lover. And just to see so many people really care and will go out of their way to help you find a home or find a shelter to take them.”

Burke has received a lot of responses on Facebook, but so far no one offering to adopt the cats. She said she’d like to see the two cats go to the same home.

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