CHICAGO (CBS) — 68 years.

That’s the sentence given today for man accused in a brutal sexual assault in Willowbrook two years ago.

Prosecutors called Londale Madison evil personified.

The defense argued Madison lived a life filled with pain at the hands of abusive parents and deserved a glimmer of hope.

But in light of such a violent crime, recounted in chilling detail in court, that was a tough sell.

The Schuster family was happy and relieved to hear their daughter’s attacker will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

“It’s a long road. A lot of pain, emotion,” said Tonie Schuster, the survivor’s mother.

Melissa Schuster was attacked in her family’s home in August of 2015.

She was raped and stabbed 17 times and suffered facial fractures after Londale Madison broke down the door.

“My life has never been the same,” Schuster told the court.

What kept her going?

“The fire inside me,” she said.

Madison, who plead guilty, was portrayed by the defense as the victim of an abusive childhood.

He read a written statement in court.

“I cry for her just thinking about what I did,” said Madison.

The family praised prosecutors, but said Madison picked the wrong house.

“As far as apologies, I didn’t buy it,” said Paul Schuster, Melissa’s father.

“Out of all the Schuster ladies, he picked the wrong one. A lot of lives are going to be saved by keeping him in prison,” he said.

Melissa Schuster did cry a few times in court. She had a lot of family and friends surrounding her.

Madison on the other hand had no one in court.