CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White is joining organ recipients, donor families, clergy and others in an interfaith campaign to promote organ and tissue donations.

White, who administers Illinois’ organ donation program, says this weekend is called National Donor Sabbath.

“This is a time by which we spend time visiting churches and asking individuals in the religious community to assist us in a process of encouraging their parishioners to participate in the organ and tissue donation program,” said White.

Joining the call is Darvece Monson who advocated for donations while she was on kidney dialysis. She now carries a kidney donated by the family of Takiyah Holmes, an 11-year old girl killed by stray gunfire.

“Takiah Homes was my niece. I am less than one year post-transplant and I’m simply grateful for the opportunity and will continue to encourage people to be donors,” said Monson.

In Illinois there are 4700 people are on the waiting list for organs.