CHICAGO (CBS) — Desperate times call for desperate measures. CBS 2’s Sandra Torres reports on the commute that left drivers frustrated after the first notable snowfall of the season.

Black ice forced drivers to get out of their vehicles and help their fellow commuters. Sheets of black ice caused tires to spin on the ramp from the inbound Kennedy to the inbound Eisenhower.

“Horrible, treacherous,” said one driver. “I’ve been on the highway four hours. I want get off.”

“We’ve just been sitting still and moving in by inch. Now we are slipping and sliding really badly, even inching along,” said Alfrida Martorano. “We’ve gone about 3 miles an hour if that.”

Crews from the Illinois Department of Transportation began plowing and salting the roads in the early morning hours. But the timing of the snow showers made it difficult to keep up.

“It was during rush hour so what drivers need to understand is that our snow plows are sitting in the same traffic that they,” said IDOT’s Gianna Urgo. “So if they are only going 10 mph, we can only do 10 mph of snow removal or salting.”

That combined with the first measurable snowfall of the season made for a messy and long commute.

“Drivers aren’t really used to using those winter driving behaviors,” said Urgo. “But it’s a good reminder that you need to start getting winter gear and make sure you are building extra time into your schedule.”

IDOT said incidents that happened this morning were not unusual and that it happens with every snow event.

But this time it was more unexpected for many commuters because it was an early November storm.